The SCC HOA covenants are officially described as the “Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for Sandy Creek Cove Subdivision”. Essentially, the covenants document creates the homeowners association, describes how the association is to be run, and the conditions and restrictions placed on each lot so as to ensure the value of each and every home is retained.


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Covenants and By-Laws

The covenants and by-laws delineate the rights and obligations of the subdivisions property owners. Either can be amended by the property owners so long as 75% of the 45 property owners agree. In addition, the original developer must approve of any amendment prior to its taking effect.



The By-Laws are essentially the rules of the association. While they mimic the covenants in some instances, they contain additional language, equally as binding, that further states the manner in which activities within the neighborhood may be handled.


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The Covenants and By-Laws are downloadable files in Adobe PDF format. You can obtain an Adobe PDF reader for free at: