Architectural Review Committee - This committee is tasked with making sure homeowners comply with the architectural and home/yard maintenance guidelines as set forth in the SCC Covenants. Committee members routinely survey the neighborhood to ensure that all homes meet these minimal standards. Areas reviewed include: home, lawn, landscaping, pine straw/mulch, yard ornaments, fence, pool, vehicles, trashcans, etc.



Landscape and Grounds Committee - This committee is tasked with maintaining the public areas of the subdivision. This includes, but is not limited to the following: trimming bushes and trees, mowing, weeding, edging, bush-hogging, adding mulch,  removal of and planting of seasonal flowers, etc. Other tasks on an as-needed basis include maintenance of the entrance signs, rust removal and repainting wrought iron, replacing grout, and monitoring landscape lighting. Members are also tasked with taking turns hand watering entryway flower beds during months of active plant growth on the two corners having no automatic means of watering.    



Covenants & Bylaws Committee - This committee is tasked with reviewing, editing or revising the SCC Covenants and Bylaws as needed.




Social Committee - This committee is tasked with planning and implementing social activities for the HOA, including but not limited to the following activities: Fall Get-Together & Dinner, Holiday Get-Together, Spring Gathering, 4th of July Celebration.



Sunshine Committee - This committee is tasked with providing cards, gifts, plants, floral arrangements, etc., as appropriate for family events such as new residents, resident family birth, death or major illness.







Updated 07/31/2020